March 22, 2024

  • International Exchange Promotion Committee
  • Report

“Korean MICE Research & Exchange Tour” in February 2024

International Exchange Promotion Committee of JCMA dispatched a visiting delegation to Korea from February 5th to 7th, 2024. During this visiting, the delegation conducted inspections and hearings at KINTEX and COEX to investigate the MICE situation in Korea. Additionally, they engaged in exchanges with the Korea MICE Association (KMA), one of the organizations with which an MOU had been signed. Total of 30 participants, including representatives from member companies joined the tour.
The KINTEX Tour Pictures
The COEX Tour Pictures
Pictures with KMA

During the tour, through inspections of major facilities in Korea and exchanges with KMA, participants witnessed Korea’s commitment to promoting MICE at both the national and local government levels. This provided valuable insights for all involved.
In addition, the opportunity to engage in exchanging face-to-face with overseas partners, which was not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, made the tour extremely valuable.