July 05, 2023

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Report on 8th (FY2022) JCMA General Meeting of Members – The new slogan is “It’s time to unite as One JCMA”

On June 15, 2023, the Japan Convention Management Association (JCMA) held its 8th (FY2022) General Meeting of Members” at Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo. More than 200 people gathered at the venue, making this one of the first opportunities for all JCMA members to meet face-to-face since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the meeting was a great success.

[Part 1: General Meeting of Members]
The General Meeting of Members began with remarks by TAKEUCHI Noriko, Representative Director of JCMA.

TAKEUCHI Noriko, Representative Director, JCMA


Due to the expiration of the directors and auditors’ terms of office, an election was held and CHIKANAMI Hirotake, Deputy Representative Director of JCMA, was newly appointed the next Representative Director.

CHIKANAMI Hirotake, the new Representative Director, JCMA


Under the direction of former Representative Director, TAKEUCHI, the proceedings advanced smoothly, and the general meeting was successfully concluded.

[Part 2: Networking Meeting]
Following the general meeting, a Networking Meeting was held, where participants actively exchanged opinions. This proved to be a very meaningful gathering that reaffirmed for everyone the importance of holding MICE events face-to-face.

↑Opening remarks: CHIKANAMI Hirotake, the new Representative Director, JCMA

↑Greeting: Mr. MOMOI Kensuke, Director of Meetings and Events Promotion, Japan Tourism Agency

↑Toast: Mr. ENDO Katsumi, Executive Vice President of Japan National Tourism Organization

↑Scene from the Networking Meeting

↑Closing remarks: TAKEUCHI Noriko, former Deputy Representative Director, JCMA

She expressed her best wishes for the prosperity and success of JCMA members and for the further development of the MICE industry, under the slogan “It’s time to unite as One JCMA.”

↑All the new directors elected at this general meeting


JCMA, launching our new structure, will strive toward further development of the MICE industry and our association, aiming to fully revive MICE after the COVID-19 pandemic.
We kindly ask for your continued understanding.