Human Resource Development Committee

Planning and implementation of educational program; formulation of standards for the industry; review of qualifications for professionals; collaboration with educational institutes; internships, etc.

Member’s Communication Committee

Planning and implementation of exchange programs among the members, between communities and members, and expansion of memberships through exchanges with common industry organizations inside and outside of Japan.

Public Relations (Information) Committee

Creation of website, publications, interviews, exhibitions, research activities about the MICE industry, exploring and planning of new projects, etc.

Women’s Committee

Projects for promotion of interaction among the female members and for letting people know more about the appeal of the MICE industry; research, statistical data collection, and information services from female perspectives.

International Exchange Promotion Committee

Expansion of collaboration with MICE organizations overseas; planning and implementation of joint projects with those organizations.

Future generation Committee

Contribution to the development of JCMA and the MICE industry through exchanges, education, and recommendations to ensure that the next generation has an even greater interest in the industry.

Executive Management Committee

Cross-sectional support and cooperation for the above six committees towards the stable running of the association with the Secretariat.